Chivalry SDK

SDK Overview

The Chivalry SDK lets you create custom maps and modifications for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

The editor will not run on a 32-bit operating system.

Download the SDK

You must own Chivalry to use the SDK. The SDK is included with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Just browse to the chivalrymedievalwarfare directory within your Steam Library. 

Getting started

See Getting started with map editing for the map editing side, or Tutorial: Creating the "Giant Slayers" mod for the modding/coding side. Even if you've used an Unreal Engine 3 editor in the past, or worked with UDK, these pages will explain how to do things the Chivalry way.

Example maps

Some example maps are included in UDKGame\ContentSDK\ExampleMaps, demonstrating some custom Chivalry actors and kismet nodes.

Uncooked versions of the Chivalry Medieval Warfare Team Objective maps are also available here:!0BRjSYRZ!d-m8FXYHkEl5KSHzUNabNrahrMKfbfTuqQQz2MkyGAs

Further documentation

Check out the rest of this wiki (see the links above, or on the bar on the left side of the page)

  • Tutorials / Guides has various step-by-step guides
  • Level Design has further information on level design and map editing topics
  • Code has further information on code-related modding topics
  • Animation has further information on animation-related modding topics

Additional Resources has links to further, external resources


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