Console commands

First, the UDN has most of the built-in UE3 commands (there are a few minor ones you might stumble across in native code). See Unreal Engine 3 Console CommandsUnreal Editor Console Commands, and Stat Command Descriptions. Some built-in commands are included on this page, but not all.

Commands are not case sensitive.

Table of Contents

Server Info


Shows server's map rotation


Shows all custom maps on the server


Shows server's current mod

Getall aocgri servername

Shows server's name



Enables the debug HUD (for programmers, search for the DisplayDebug function to see how to add information to this).

This has handy things like pawn speed, pawn and weapon state, and so forth. When logged in as an admin on a server, using this command will show you how long the server is taking to tick every frame (as a running average).


(* These do not work in the current SDK version, but will in a future one; however, you can also copy these functions into your own PlayerController classes if you want them, just search AOCPlayerController for them) Displays player parry boxes using a translucent material. Only enabled in non-final_release

show collision

Shows... collision


Shows line checks as actual rendered lines


Shows extent line checks; the extent is drawn as a rectangle at the end of the check, with a line extending to the start point of the check


enables Chivalry-specific AI logging (_Debug just toggles both of the other two). Note that there was already a command for this built into the UT or UDK code that we probably should have utilized instead... 

aoc_drawtracer 1

Draws tracers on the current weapon. Unlike showlinecheck, the lines persist until the next attack, and are colour-coded.


Shows damage as floating numbers and on the console. Only works for admins, and affects all players on server.


stat fps

Shows current framerate (running average in Shipping, somethingrather in Release)

stat unit

Shows current frame time, split amongst game, drawing, and GPU threads.

profilegame start
profilegame stop

Starts/stops the gameplay profiler. Profiles the gameplay thread in general, including specific Unrealscript functions. You may need to set STATS_SLOW to 1 to get detailed Unrealscript info. Instead of start/stop, you can put in a number for the number of seconds to run the profiler for.

stat startfile
stat stopfile 

Starts/stops stats gathering for Stats Viewer. Includes the same functionality as profilegame, and more. You can even connect Stats Viewer to a live server, although this will slow it down to almost unbearable levels.



Followed by any command executes that command on the server. You can start profiling commands on the server without having to RDP in and use UnrealConsole by using this.


Followed by the server's admin password, allows you to log into a server as an admin.


Logs out as admin


Gives a user's IP address and NetID (uniquely identifies them using their Steam ID), which is useful in case we want to globally ban someone (that is, put his IP/NetID in the config files of every server). Parameter is a string in the player's name, or leave the parameter out altogether to get info on everyone.


Kicks a user. Requires you to type their whole name right now, which kind of sucks. It's a built-in command.


Kicks a user and permanently bans them (i.e. puts their IP/NetID in the config file). Also a built-in command.


Changes to a different map. A check is performed to be sure the map exists.

admin servertravel

Changes to a different map without a "does exist" check.


Restarts the map.


Swaps a selected player to the opposite team.


Change team damage amount on-the-fly; from 0.0 (no damage) to 1.0 (full damage)


Not strictly an admin command, but for admins it shows extra information (server tick rate, auto-adjusted net relevancy bonus)


Change the server's speed to the string argument (from 0.001 to 2.0; that is, 0.1% to 200% speed)


Pauses the server if the server has admin pausing enabled


Ends the current match.



Shows a list of all users matching the string argument (or all users if no argument is entered), and allows the user to pick one to initiate a vote kick against. Vote kicks can be adjusted / disabled in the config file.


Votes to change to a certain map.


Votes to change to reset the current map.


switchtoobservermode 2

Smooth spectator camera with all pawns always relevant (i.e. no pawns disappear because they're too far away and the server stops replicating them)


Enter setobs2 to see all the setobs2 commands. For setting observermode2 settings (speed, acceleration, etc.)


Simulates what a color blind player would see when playing the game (does not affect the Scaleform GUI). Enter without any arguments to get an explanation on its usage.


Shows all available maps matching the string argument (or all maps if no argument entered). This is currently hardcoded, so it might not be accurate.


Disabled "Paths needs to be rebuilt" and other similar level-related messages. May be useful for screenshots.


Argument of 0 disables it, 1 enables it. Turn it off for tiled screenshots.


Argument of 0 disables the HUD, 1 enables it. Turn it off for fancy or tiled screenshots.

tiledshot A B

For super high-resolution screenshots. Use enablevignette 0 and togglehud 0 first (see above). Takes a screenshot of size A*ScreenResolution.X by A*ScreenResolution.Y, with B pixels of overlap. See

And a lot more on the UDN