Additional Resources

Chivalry is based on the July 2012 build of Unreal Engine 3. The editor itself is basically the same as the base UDK editor. This means that most editor information for other UE3 games, and for UDK, are applicable to our game as well.

Our documentation is fairly sparse and is really only intended to supplement the mounds of information on the internet created for other UE3 editors. Here are some of those resources, as well as a few Chivalry-specific ones:


Chivalry-specific Resources:

  • Our own SDK chat forum is a good place to ask questions, and to read questions asked by other mappers/modders

General Unreal Editor/ modding resources:

  • Unreal Developer Network is where Epic's official Unreal Engine 3 documentation is. Most of this is applicable to Chivalry, just remember we're currently on the July 2012 build of Unreal Engine 3.
  • Unreal Wiki can be a useful resource for programmers, with lots of information on UnrealScript, and it also has limited mapping and modelling sections.
  • Hourences has an excellent resource site, from a guy with 10+ years experience in the industry.

Modelling, Texturing, and General Videogame Art Resources:

  • The Polycount Wiki has a wide breadth of information, and the forums are one of the largest game art communities
  • 3dmotive is a good resource with lots of general 3D art tutorials, as well as UDK-specific ones. However, most of it is not free.

Level Design Resources:

Example mods: