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What is Horde?

Horde is a player versus enemy style of map. It's based entirely on Kismet scripting to create a new gameplay experience compared to normal Chivalry. The easiest way to create a Horde Map is to grab the example map and use its Kismet. HordeTown's Kismet is the kismet from the original example map but cleaned up to be easier to read along with new features and bug fixes to the original scripting.


01 - Level Setup

  • things you need to do for your map to work right

02 - Horde Mod Support and Spawn Jail

  • improve your map with Horde Mod and how to fix the ping issue from the old example map

More documentation TBD



Example Map:

Image Added

To download, subscribe to the workshop item, open the Chivalry launcher and launch the game. Let it complete checking for workshop items and downloading them. The .cmwsdk file will be unpacked when the game launches and you will be able to now launch the editor and open the map up.

uncooked version coming soon