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  1. Find the weapon you want to give to players in the content browser and drag it into the level
  2. Select this weapon in the level and rightclick -> convert to mover
  3. With your mover actor selected, open kismet and right click. At the bottom you will see "New Event using InterpActor.." Select the Touch option here.
  4. Create a Give inventory node as described above, remember to set the inventory list to the weapon you want to give to the player
  5. Attach the touched event from the interp actor to the input of our give inventory
  6. Create a new unknown object variable as described above
  7. Attach this object variable to the instigator output of the player spawned and the target of the give inventory
  8. Right click in kismet and go to new action, Toggle, Togglehidden
  9. With your mover actor in the level selected, right click in kismet and create a "new object variable using InterpActor.."
  10. Create two change collision nodes by right clicking in kismet and going to new action, Actor, change collision
  11. Set one change collision node to Collision Type - COLLIDE_NoCollision , set the other to "Touchallbutweapons"
  12. Set the targets of the togglehidden and both collision nodes to the interp actor object variable we created
  13. Connect the output of the give inventory node to inputs of hide on the toggle hidden and in on the collision node we set to Collide_NoCollision 
  14. Right click in kismet and go to New Event, level loaded
  15. Connect the level reset output to the input of the change collision we set to "Touchallbutweapons", and the unhide input of the toggle hidden

And we're done!


Repeat this process for many weapons to create a mode where players spawn with just their fists and then can pickup weapons in the map to fight each other as seen in the example map - AOCTD-Gladiator